Light weight, very versatile, free standing, for multi purposes, most comfortable, more space for your stuff....All had came with the TREKKER 1. This aluminum poles double wall single tent is the best choice for the lone trip, cycling, or simple that you just want to sleep alone. It's free standing so you can set it up everywhere you want. The eaves make more space for your stuff and isolate your floor from the wet area outside. With 1.9kg of weight, ỉt not a big deal to carry it to every trip you make.

SEASON 3 Season tent (become 4 season in neccessary purpose)
STYLE Double-wall
DOOR no-see-um net doors with eaves
MATERIAL 200T PU coated taffeta, 200D PU coated ( for the floor) and no-see-um net.
POLE 8mm anodized aluminum
TECHNOLOGY Seam sealed - PU waterproof coated
INCLUDED Dry contain bag - 12 pc of aluminum stakes - 4 pc of guy line (2m/each)
SIZE 210 x 85 x 98 cm (L x W x H)
FOLDED 50 x 14 cm